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Nilavan Adams

I originally came to Australia with my diplomat brother in 1974 to further my education and expected to return home when his appointment expired.  To my family’s disappointment, I did not.  Instead, I joined the Australian Public Service in 1978 and worked there until 2001.  I later studied part-time and graduated with a Bachelors Degree from the University of Canberra.

In 2001, I attended watercolour technique classes at the ANU's School of Art.  By 2004, I decided to focus on botanical art.  I started to exhibit in 2006.  My work is represented in public and private collections in Australia and overseas.  

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4 photo(s) Updated on: 13 Feb 2020
  • Telopea speciosissima, waratah Nilavan Adams
  • Solanum melongena eggplant Nilavan Adams
  • Brachychiton populneus, kurrajong seed pods on vellum Nilavan Adams
  • Protea cynaroides, king Protea Nilavan Adams

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